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I sat alone in the dimly lit hallway, it was around 2:00 AM. and most of the nurses were at the nurses station. All I could seem to pray was, " Lord please don't let her suffer anymore," With that I went back into the intensive care room. My wife had a rare heart disease and had been given 1-2 years to live, this was the end of the second year. I noticed that she wasn't asleep and once again I asked her, " Honey are you sure that you asked Jesus to forgive your sins and be your Savior?" She winked her eyes one time in an affirmative yes. She was on a respirator and couldn't speak, in fact she could hardly move anything but her eyes; they had given her a number of muscle relaxers in order to put her on the respirator. We had devised this plan so that we could communicate, one wink was for yes and two winks was for no.

Several nights before she had to go into the hospital, she came into the living room and said, "will you come into the bedroom and pray with me?" I felt so helpless, I had not prayed for many years, in fact I had been running from God and had been a Christian at one time. Even though I didn't profess to be a Christian, I had shared the gospel message with her numerous times over the years. We went in and sat on the edge of the bed, she prayed and all I could do was hold her hand.

Just as the doctor came in, my wife went into total heart failure, I could only watch as he did all he could for her. She lurched up off the bed and peaceably sank back down. With tear filled eyes the doctor look at me and said, "she is gone." She was 28 yrs. old.

Gone Where?