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Genesis   Exodus  Numbers  Joshua  Judges  1 Samuel  2 Samuel  1 Kings  2 Kings

Ezra  Nehemiah

Book 3 - of the 11 foundational books

 The first part of this book deals with the experiences of the Hebrews at Mt. Sinai; the
 latter part, their wanderings in the desert for forty years, thus, the theme of this book is
 considered by many, Wilderness Wanderings.

Some main persons and events of Numbers

Ch.1-36  - Moses, Aaron, priesthood, ten spies, Joshua, Korah, Balaam

Events  constant murmuring of the people, spies sent to spy out the land, Mosesís intercessions, Aaronís rod buds, Moses sin, smiting the rock, Balaamís prophecies, years of wanderings, preparations to enter promise land.

* Other books during the time period of Numbers




                       Numbers 1-2

Lesson 1 

 1.  After Moses numbered the 12 tribes, how many men were able to go to war?_______

 2.  Why were the Levites exempted, from service?____________________________

 3.  Abihu and Nadab were the sons of______________   a. Hur  b. Aaron  c. Moses

 4.  Why did they die?___________________________________________________

 *  Chapters 3-10 Are about the order of the tribes, service and duties in the Tabernacle.

     Ch.5 deals with those defiled by leprosy, etc.   Unfaithful wives etc.

     Ch.6 deals with the vow of a Nazirite.   (Samson was a Nazirite)

      Numbers 11-13

 5.  What did Moses do, to stop the fire of God from burning the people?_____________

 6.  There was a ___________multitude among Israel.

 7.  The people were happy with Godís provision of Manna.  true - false

 8.  God gave Moses____________elders to help him, with the people.

 9.  What did God put upon these elders?_____________________________________

10. What did God give to the People, for a month until they were sick of it?___________

11. The birds that were provided were. __________________

12. Why was God angry with Miriam and Aaron?______________________________

13. Miriam was struck with. a. blindness  b. leprosy  c. heart failure

14. Miriam stayed outside the camp______days before she was healed and brought back.

15. Moses married an_______________woman.  a. Egyptian  b. Ethiopian

16. How many spies were sent into the promise land? a. 10  b. 12  c. 14

17. What did they bring back with them?_____________________________________

18. What kind of report did 10 of the spies give________________________________

19. They saw giants in the promised land, how did the 10 spies view themselves next to
      them?  a. as grasshoppers  b. as ants  c. strong and courageous



                       Numbers 14-21

Lesson 2

 1.  Upon hearing the report of the spies, the people wanted to return to Egypt.  true - false

 2.  Joshua wanted to led the people to Egypt.  true - false

 3.  How did God respond to the peopleís desire to return to Egypt?________________

 4.  Why did God pardon the people?_______________________________________

 5.  Up to this point, the people had tempted God___________times.

 6.  All the people were allowed to enter into the promise land.  true - false

 7.  How many years would the people wander in the wilderness?  a. 30  b. 20  c. 40

 8.  Name the two men that would go into the promise land._______________________

 9.  The man found gathering sticks on the Sabbath Day was pardoned.  true - false 

10. What sort of death did Korah and his followers experience?____________________

11. What did Korah do?_______________________________________________

12. Why did 14700 people die of a plague the next day?_________________________

13. What miraculous event took place with the staff ( rod ) of Aaron?_______________

14. Aaron and the Levites had no inheritance with the people.  true - false

15. Who died at Kadesh?  a. Miriam  b. Aaron  c. Hur

16. Instead of smiting the rock Moses was suppose to do what?____________________

17. For smiting the rock Moses would not go into the promise land, but Aaron would.
     true - false

18. Aaron died at Mount._______________

19. Who succeeded Aaron as the high priest.  a. Joshua  b. Eleazar  c. Obediah

20. Why did the Lord send fiery serpents among the people of Israel?_____________

 21. Once again Moses prayed for Israel, What instructions did God give Moses to do, for       the people to be healed?____________________________________________

22. Up to this point; what sin does Israel constantly do?_______________________

 23. What are some of Mosesís main characteristics?____________________________



                       Numbers 22-36

Lesson 3

 1.  Balak was king of_____________     a. Moabites   b. Philistines  c. Cannanites

 2.  What did Balak request of Balaam, a wayward prophet?______________________

 3.  What command did God speak to Balaam?_____________________________

  4. * Something to think about.  God told Balaam to go with Balakís servants, so why       
        was God angry about it?  Read again Ch.22:9-22_________________________

 5.  What did Balaamís donkey see, that caused it to balk?________________________

 6.  God caused the donkey to speak to Balaam.  true - false

 7.  Balaam was totally amazed that the donkey spoke.  true - false

 8.  Balaam had a conversation with his donkey.  true - false

 9.  Balaam could not speak a curse over the people of Israel.  true - false

10. Three times Balaam blessed Israel.  true - false

11. What did the daughters of the Moabites cause the Israelites to do?  a. bow to their       
       gods  b. build a temple  c. build an idol     * Balaam was behind this, Numbers 31:16

12. Whoís daughters demanded a portion of the inheiritance?______________(Ch.27) 

     * Chapters 28-30  Order of the offerings, law of vows

13. Why did God send Israel to war against the Midianites?  Ch.31_______________

14. Where did the children of Ruben and Gad want to settle?_____________________

15. What was required of these two tribes before they could possess the land?______

      * Chapter 33  A summary - from Egypt to Jordan

16. Six *cities of the Levites were designated for.  a. manslayers  b. travelers  c. strangers

      * A city of refuge, for someone who killed someone unintentionally or by accident