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Genesis  Exodus  Numbers  Joshua  Judges  1 Samuel  2 Samuel  1 Kings  2 Kings

Ezra  Nehemiah

Book 9 - of the 11 foundational books

This book records the fall of the northern kingdom, the 10 tribes called Israel, with Samaria as their capital; the southern kingdom, consisting of 2 tribes known as Judah with Jerusalem as their capital. The northern kingdom was conquered by the Assyrians around 721 BC. and the southern kingdom was conquered around 606 BC. by the Babylonians. From the people taken captive by the Babylonians, there was three separate returns of the Jews, to their homeland.

Some main persons and events of 2 Kings

Ch.1-25  Elijah, Elisha, Succeeding kings, Assyrians and Babylonians

Events Elijah taken to heaven by a whirlwind, Elisha succeeds him, signs and wonders
           done by Elisha, Israel invaded, Judah invaded.

* Other books during the time period of 2 Kings

2 Chronicals



                       2 Kings 1-11

Lesson 1

1. What was the fate of 50 soldiers, that were sent to capture Elijah?_______________

2. The fate of the second group of 50 was the same as the first. true - false

3. The third group was spared. true - false

4. Why did Elijah hit the water of the Jordan river with his mantle? (outer garment,

5. What does Elisha request of Elijah, before Elijah is taken to heaven?______________

6. How is Elijah transported to heaven?_____________________________________

7. Elisha crossed back over the Jordan River by_______________________________

8. What was the fate of the young people that mocked Elisha, because of his baldness?

9. For what purpose did Elisha want a minstrel for?____________________________

10. What miracle does God do, with oil, for a poor widow?______________________

11. The son of a Shunammite woman, is raised from the dead. true - false

12. Naaman was healed of: a. boils b. blindness c. leprosy

13. How many times did Naaman dip in the Jordan River? a. 5 b. 7 c. 9

14. Elishaís_____________was struck with leprosy. a. servant b. son c. brother

15. Why did the king of Syria send soldiers to capture Elisha?_____________________

16. What did Elisha mean when he said to his fearful servant, "fear not; for they who are
       with us are more than they who are with them."_____________________________

17. While under siege and starving, a woman of Samaria eats her: a. donkey b. child

18. What prompted the Syrian army to flee in the night and leave all their belongings for
       the people of the city, under seige?_______________________________________

19. Elisha predicts a _________year famine.

20. According to Godís word through Elijah, Jezebel is eaten by dogs. true - false (ch.9)

21. Jehu has Ahabís 70 sons__________ a. killed b. exiled c. promoted

22. Jehu allows the prophets of Baal to live. true - false

23. The reign of Jehoash began when he was_______years old. a. 7 b. 15 c. 25