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Back to Old Test.- basics

Genesis   Exodus  Numbers  Joshua  Judges  1 Samuel  2 Samuel  1 Kings  2 Kings

Ezra  Nehemiah

Book 1 - of the 11 foundational books

Some main persons and events of Genesis.

Ch.1-5 God, Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, Seth, Satan

Events Creation, fall of man, promise of a Savior, murder, Cain’s exile, birth of Seth

Ch.6-10 Noah and family

Events The Great flood judgment, God’s promise and sign of the rainbow

Ch.11 The people at Babel

Events The confusion of languages

Ch.12-50 Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph

Events  Beginning of Hebrew nation, Abrahamic covenant, Jews move to Egypt

* Other books during the time period of Genesis

Book of Job



                         Genesis ch. 1-5

Lesson 1

 1.  What did God do on the first day?_______________________________________

 2.  On what day did God create man?______________________________________

 3.  What did God do on the 7th day?_______________________________________

 4.  At what point did Adam become a living soul?______________________________

 5.  What job did God give Adam to do in the garden? __________________________

 6.  Who gave names to all the animals?   1. God   2. Adam   3.  Eve

 7.  In your own words describe the creation of Eve_____________________________

 8.  After being tempted by Satan, what 3 things compelled Eve to eat of the forbidden
 9.  Whom did Adam blame for his disobedience?   1. God  2. Satan  3. Eve

10. What curse did God put upon Satan_____________________________________

11.  Upon Eve?________________________________________________________

12.  Upon Adam?______________________________________________________

13.  Why did God drive Adam and Eve out of the garden? ______________________

14.  What kept them from going back into the garden?__________________________

15.  Able’s occupation was  1. farmer  2. carpenter  3. sheep herder

16.  In your opinion why did Cain kill Able?__________________________________

17.  The name of Adam’s 3rd son was   a. Saul  b. Seth   c. Enoch

18.  Adam lived how many years?   a. 800  b. 930  c. 730

19.  Enoch______________with God and he was not; for God took him.

20  Name the three sons of Noah___________________________________________



                        Genesis 6-11

Lesson 2

 1.  Why did it repent the Lord that he had made man on the earth?_________________

 2.  Noah found __________in the eyes of the Lord.

 3.  The Ark was built out of what kind of wood?  a. oak  b. cedar  c. gopher

 4.  The size of the ark was_______________________________________________

 5.  By what was God going to destroy mankind?_______________________________

 6.  How many days did it rain?

 7.  What mountain did the ark come to rest upon?______________________________

 8.  The second bird sent out of the ark was a_____________________

 9.  God told Noah that every living thing they could eat: what restriction did he put on this?
10. In your own words, what do you think God means in Genesis 9:6________________

11. What promise did God make, in the covenant that he made, with all mankind and
      animals at this time?________________________________________________     

12. The token of this covenant was   a. clouds  b. rainbow  c. doves

13. Which of the brothers saw their father uncovered?  Shem - Ham - Japheth

14. Noah lived____________years.

15. Nimrod was a mighty_____________ a. farmer  b. fisherman  c. hunter

16. In who’s day was the earth divided?  a. Elam  b. Sidon  c. Peleg

17. What do you think this means, the earth was divided__________________________

18. At one time, all the earth was of one speech ( language )  true or  false

19. At the tower at Bable what did God do to the language of the people?___________
      To the people?_____________________________________________________

20. Why do you suppose God did this?______________________________________

21. Abram’s ( Abraham ) father was.   a. Haran  b. Terah  c. Nahor

22. What was the name of Abram’s wife?   __________________________________

23. Abram and his family were from the land of.  a. Ur  b. Canaan  c. Harran



                        Genesis 12-20

Lesson 3

1.   What command did God give to Abram concerning the land he was living in?______

2.   What sort of blessings did God pronounce upon Abram?______________________

 3.   Why did Abram go into Egypt?________________________________________ 

 4.   Abram and Lot departed company because- ______________________________

 5.   When Lot was taken captive, what did Abram do about it?____________________

 6.   To whom did Abram give a tithe to?_____________________________________

 7.   God Appeared unto Abram.  a. by a tree   b. in a vision   c. in a dream

 8.   Why did God have Abram look up at the stars?____________________________

 9.   How many years did God tell Abram, that his seed ( offspring ) would be afflicted 
      in  a  land that wasn’t theirs?  (Slaves in Egypt )   a. 200 yr..  b. 300 yr..  c. 400 yr..

10.  Who was Ishmael?__________________________________________________

11.  How old was Abram when God changed his name to Abraham?________________

12.  What was circumcision a sign of?_______________________________________

13.  Sarah’s name was_____________________before God changed it.

14.  How did Abraham treat the 3 men that came to him at Mamre?________________

15.  What did Sarah do, when they told them, they would have a son? a. cried   b. laughed

16.  Why were these 3 men ( angels ) going to Sodom and Gomorah?_______________

17.  What did Abraham do, upon learning of their mission?________________________

18.  Why were the men of Sodom, (that had come to Lot’s house) struck blind?______
19.  What happened to the cities of Sodom and Gomorah?________________________

20.  Who became a pillar of salt?___________________________________________

21.  What evil thing did Lots daughters do?___________________________________

22.  Why did Abraham get Sarah,( his wife ) to pretend she was his sister?____________



                        Genesis 21-37

Lesson 4

 1.   Abraham was_______years old when Isaac was born. 

 2.   Why was Hagar and Ishmael cast out by Abraham?_________________________

 3.   God tested Abraham by requiring him to sacrifice  1. Best lambs 2. his son  3. wife

 4.   Sarah died at the age of____________________

 5.   She was buried in the cave of   1. Jottom  2. Jana  3. Machpelah

 6.   What prayer did God answer, for Abraham’s servant, when he was sent to get Isaac
       a wife?_______________________________________________________

 7.  The name of Isaac’s wife was.  1. Rachel  2. Leah  3. Rebekah

 8.  The name of Abraham’s 2nd. wife was.  1. Keturah  2. Gomer  3. Hanna

 9.  Isaac was _________years old when he married Rebekah

10. Esau and Jacob were twins.  True - False

11. How did Jacob steal Esau’s blessing?_____________________________________

12. What two women did Jacob marry?______________________________________

13. Which did he love the most?______________

14. Why was Jacob willing to serve Laben 7 Years?_____________________________

15. Besides his 2 wives, Jacob also had sons by what two women?_________________

16. Rachel’s 1st son was.  1. Juda  2. Joseph  3. Ruben

17. God changed Jacob’s name to___________

18. Esau forgives Jacob for tricking him out of his blessing and birthright.  True - False

19. Why did Jacob’s sons kill Shechem and the men of his city?____________________

20. Rachel’s 2nd and last son was. 1. Laban  2. Benjamin  3. neither

21. In what manner did Rachel die?_________________________________________

22. Why was Joseph hated by his brothers?___________________________________

23. What terrible thing did they do to Joseph?_________________________________

24. What lie did they tell to Jacob ( Israel )____________________________________

25. The midianites sold Joseph to.  1. Pharaoh  2. Amorites  3. Potiphar 

26. Including Joseph, how many sons did Jacob have?   a. 10  b. 12  c. 13



                        Genesis 38-50

Lesson 5

1.  What rank did Potiphar made Joseph?  a. chief cook  b. overseer over all his house

 2.  Why did Potiphar send Joseph to prison?__________________________________

 3.  What two men had their dreams interpreted by Joseph while in prison?____________

 4.  What sort of dream did Pharaoh have 2 years later?__________________________

 5.  Who told Pharaoh about Joseph?    a. Butler  b. Baker  c. Potiphar

 6.  Pharaoh made Joseph ruler over all the land.  true - false

 7.  For what purpose did Joseph’s brothers come to Egypt, the 1st time?_____________

 8.  Why did Joseph prevent Simeon from returning home?________________________

 9.  What did the brothers discover in their grain sacks, besides grain?_______________

10. Who’s sack was Joseph’s cup put into?  __________________________________

11. Benjamin was Joseph’s full blooded brother.  true - false

12. In your words: why do you think Joseph tested his brothers?___________________

13. All of Joseph’s family moved to Egypt.  true - false

14. The name of the land that Joseph’s family moved to in Egypt was.________________

15. How was it that Pharoah ended up with all the land? ( except for the priests’ )_______

16. What was the name of Joseph’s 2 sons?___________________________________

17. Jesus descended from the line of Judah, what blessing did Jacob pronounce upon       

18. In the remaining space; what lessons can we learn from the story of Joseph and his