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Book 7 - of the 11 foundational books

In this book, David comes to power, first over the tribe of Juda and some years later over all of Israel. This book records Davidís victories, his personal sins of adultery, a plot of murder, and the numbering of the people. Davidís daughter is raped by a half brother, whom in turn, is murdered by another brother, Absolom: who is banished for his crime but later is brought back to Israel. Absolom stirs up a revolt against David which fails and is killed in the ongoing battle.

Some main persons and events of 2 Samuel

Ch.1-24 - David, Abner, Joab, Mephibosheth, Bath-sheba, Uriah, Absolom, Tamar, Hushai, Nathan

Events - David becomes king, Jerusalem becomes the capital of Israel, Davidís sin, Tamar is raped, the revolt of Absolom, the Ark is returned to Jerusalem, the Davidic covenant given, Absolom is killed.

* Other books during the time period of 2 Samuel
Song of Solomon
1 Chronicles

Writing - Prophets to the northern 10 tribes called Israel



                       2 Samuel 1-12

Lesson 1

1. What was the fate of the man, who said that he had slain king Saul?______________

2. After Saulís death, David was anointed king over Juda, who was king over the rest of
    the tribes of Israel? a. Joab b. Abner c. Ishbosheth

3. The condition between the house of David and Saul was a. peace b. war

4. Why did Abner ( Ishboshethís general ) change sides to David?_________________

5. Joab kills Abner because- a. he wanted his position b. Abner killed his brother

6. The name of Jonathanís son, who was lame, was____________________________

7. King Ishbosheth was murdered by_______________________________________

8. After the death of king Ishbosheth, David was anointed king over all of Israel; how
    old was David? __________

9. What city becomes the capital of Israel? a. Hebron b. Jerusalem c. Bethlehem

10. The man who died as a result of touching the Ark of the covenant was____________

11. Who despised David, as he leaped and danced before the Lord?________________

12. As a result of her contempt for David, for the way he made a public display of his

praise toward God, she a. never had children b. got sick c. left David

13. What did David desire to build for the Lord? a. altar b. house (temple) c. an image

14. Why did David show kindness to Mephibosheth?____________________________

15. David treated Mephibosheth as a son. true - false

16. David instigated a war with the king of Ammon, king Hanun. true - false

17. The name of the woman that David committed sin with was____________________

18. Why did David allow Uriah to come from the battle front to visit his wife Bathsheba?

19. The contents of Davidís letter to Joab was_________________________________

20. Bathsheba became the wife of David, after her husbandís death. true - false

21. What prophet gave David a scathing rebuke?_______________________________

22. What judgments would David suffer, even though he repented?__________________

23. Solomon was the next son of David and Bathsheba. true - false



                        2 Samuel 13-24

Lesson 2

1. Davidís daughter Tamar was raped by____________________________________

2. How does Absolom avenge his Sister Tamar?______________________________

* One of the many problems with Davidís children, was a result of having different mothers.

3. What punishment does king David pronounce upon Absolom?__________________

4. Absolom planned a revolt against David by a. hiring Philistine soldiers b. killing all
     his brothers and sisters c. stealing the hearts of the men of Israel

5. After David flees from Absolom, why does he send Hushai back to Jerusalem?_____

6. Davidís counselor Ahithophel, joins up with Absolom. true - false

7. The man that curses David as he flees was a. Nathan b. Shimei c. Ziba

8. Who gave Absolom the advice to defile all of king Davidís concubines?___________

*Compare ch.12:9-12 with the events that are taking place in Davidís life at this
    time, what God said through the prophet has come to past.

9. Ahithophelís advice to Absolom was to a. over power David while he was weak.

b. wait till all of Israel was behind him c. let David go

10. Whose advice does Absolom listen to?___________________________________

11. How does Ahithophel die? a. in battle b. his wife kills him c. hangs himself

12. What happened to Absolom with a tree?__________________________________

13. Who kills Absolom? a. Joab b. Abner c. Abishai

14. It was king Davidís orders, to kill Absolom on sight. true - false

15. David has Shimei put to death. true - false

16. Sheba leads a revolt against king David true - false

17. What was the fate of Sheba?___________________________________________