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Back to Old Test.- basics

Genesis  Exodus  Numbers  Joshua  Judges  1 Samuel  2 Samuel  1 Kings  2 Kings

Ezra  Nehemiah


Book 2 - of the 11 foundational books

Some main persons and events of Exodus

Ch.1- 40 Moses, Aaron, Miriam, Pharaoh, Jethro

Events  Birth of Moses, the call of Moses, the Plagues, the Passover, the Exodus, the Red Sea, Jethros advise, Giving of the Law ( Ten Commandments ) The building of the
tabernacle and its furnishings

*Other books during the time period of Exodus




                        Exodus 1-12

Lesson 1

 1.  What main reason did the Egyptians enslave the Israelites? _________________      

 2.  What were the midwives to do with the newborn sons of the Jews?______________

 3.  Describe the way that baby Moses escaped death.__________________________

 4.  Who named the baby, Moses?

 5.  After Moses was grown, why did he kill an Egyptian?_________________________

 6.  To what land did Moses flee to?  a. Goshen  b. Midian  c. Bashan

 7.  The name of Moses’s wife was.__________________

 8.  God spoke to Moses from a burning_____________ a. tree  b. rock  c. bush

 9.  Who said “ I am that I am___________________

10. What would the Egyptians give to the Hebrews, when they left Egypt. _________

11. What were some of Moses’s objections, about God choosing him?____________

12.  To prove that God was sending Moses, what 2 signs did God give to Moses?____

13. After his first meeting with Moses, what punishment did Pharaoh pass upon the
      people? ________________________________________________________

14. The waters of Egypt were turned into blood, how many days?  a. 7  b. 10  c. 14

15. The dust of Egypt was turned into.  a. lice  b. ants  c. grasshoppers

16. The land of Goshen, experienced no plagues.  true - false

17. What was mingled with the plague of hail?_________________________________

18. It was dark over the land of Egypt for   a. 7 days  b. 3 days  c. 2 days

19. How does the Bible describe this darkness?________________________________

20. The last plague upon Egypt was_________________________________________

21. What were the Hebrews to put on their door posts?__________________________

22. What would God do when He saw the blood?______________________________

23. The lamb and its blood is a foreshadow of what in the New Testament?__________  

John 1:29  “Behold the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world”



                        Exodus 13-20

Lesson 2

 1.  The Lord went before the children of Israel by day in_______________________
      by night in a______________________________________________________

 2.  In what way did God save the Israelites from Pharaoh’s chariots________________ 

 3.  Pharaoh’s army drowned in the Red Sea.  true - false

 4.  Why did the Israelites murmured against Moses several days later?_____________     

 5.  How did Moses make the water fit to drink at Marah?________________________ 

 6.  The name of the food that God miraculously provided for Israel was______________ 

 7.  Israel gathered twice as much of this food on the 6th day because________________

 8.  What kind of birds did God give Israel to eat?   a. quails  b. chicken  c. doves

 9.  What happen to Manna, if they kept it to the next day?________________________

10. The children of Israel ate Manna for.  a. 35 yr.  b. 18 yr.   c. 40 yr. 

11. The reason that Moses smote a rock was__________________________________

12. Why did Aaron and Hur hold up the hands of Moses?______________________ 

13. The name of Moses’s father-in- law was.   a. Jethro  b. Samuel  c. Amos

14. What good advice did Jethro give to Moses?____________________________

15. After camping in the plains of Mount Sinai, how did the people know that God had      descended upon the mountain?__________________________________________

16. Why were the people forbidden to go on the mountain?______________________

17. Name the Ten Commandments, God gave to Moses.

1.______________________________________________________________        2._______________________________________________________________
6. _____________________________________________________________



                        Exodus 21-31

Lesson 3

* A three fold division of the Law, can be seen: 

 1.  The 10 commandments 

 2.  Special  ordinances which foreshadowed Christ and his redemption; which consisted  
      of  the seven Levitical Feasts and the Five Levitical Offerings. ( see Exodus 35-40 ) 

 3.  Laws that governed Israel’s diet, sanitation, quarantine, taxation, conservation,     
      marriage, military service, divorce, social harmony, etc. ( see the book of Leviticus )


 1.   A Hebrew servant was to be set free on the 7th yr.  true - false

 2.   If a servant wanted to remain with his master what was to be done to his ear?____

 3.  Complete the following: Eye for_____tooth for_____hand for______ foot for______

 4.  He that would hit or curse father or mother was put to death.  true - false

 5.  Witches were killed.  true - false

 6.  What were the Israelites to do with their land on the seventh year?_______________

 7.  How many days was Moses up on Mt. Sinai?__________________

 8.  While on the mount; Moses receives instructions, about the tabernacle. true - false

 9.  The Ark of the Covenant had a mercy seat made of__________________________

 10. What was at each end of the Ark____________________________________

 11. How many branches did the golden candlestick have?  a. 4  b. 6  c. 8

 12. What type of oil was used in the lamp?  ___________________________________

 13. Besides Aaron who else did God set apart to minister as priests? (ch28)___________



                        Exodus 32-40

Lesson 4

 1.  When Moses delayed in coming down from the Mount, what did the people compel
       Aaron to make for them?  a. gods  b. tents  c. boiling pots

 2.  What was fashioned from their golden earrings?

 3.  God told Moses that the people had done what to themselves?__________________

 4.  What changed God’s mind about destroying the people?______________________

 5.  Moses wrote the commandments on the stone tablets.  true - false

 6.  What did Moses do with the tablets, when he saw the calf?____________________

 7.  Moses let them keep the golden calf.  true - false

 8.  Because of their sin, 3000 people died that day.  true - false

 9.  What kind of neck, did God say these people had?__________________________

 10. God spoke to Moses face to face from the cloud pillar.   true - false

 11. No man can see the face of the Lord and live.  true - false

 12. In what way was Moses permitted to see God?____________________________

 13. The stone tablets that Moses broke were replaced with_______________________

 14. While on the Mt. for 40 days Moses didn’t eat, but he did drink water.    true - false

 15. Why were the people afraid to come near Moses when he came down from Mount     

 16. Ch. 40   After the it was erected, what filled the Tabernacle?___________________