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Ezra  Nehemiah

Book 5 - of the 11 foundational books

After the 12 tribes of Israel settle down in the promise land, Joshua dies, without leadership, the people begin to fall away from God and his commandments. God raises up Spirit filled Judges ( leaders ) that bring about spiritual revival and unity.

Some main persons and events of Judges

Ch.1-21 13 Judges - Othniel, Ehud, Shamgar, Deborah, Barak, Gideon, Tola, Jair, Jephthah, Ibzan, Elon, Abdon, Samson

Events - Gideons victory, Samson slays a lion, slays 30 men, burns crops, slays 1000 Philistine men, defeated by a woman, his eyes put out, Samson destroys the temple of the Philistines and dies with many people. Civil war with the tribe of Benjamin.

* Other books during the time period of Judges




                       Judges 1-6

Lesson 1

1. The king that had his big toes and thumbs cut off was?________________________

2. This king had done the same thing to other kings. true -false

3. What tribe did the children of Benjamin fail to drive out? a. Jebusites b. Hittites

4. Who would be thorns in the sides of the tribes of Israel?_______________________

5. Who said this to Israel?_______________________________________________

6. Joshua was __________years old when he died.

7. What evil, did the new generation of Jews, that inhabited the promise land, do?_____

8. Because of this evil, the hand of the Lord was against them. true - false

9. Nevertheless; what did God do, to help them?______________________________

10. What would happen to Israel when a judge would die?________________________

11. Name three nations that God left to prove ( test ) Israel.______________________

12. Othniel, Israelís 1st deliverer ( judge ) delivered Israel from king_________________

13. What judge, delivered Israel, from the king of Moab__________________________

14. The name of a prophetess, that judged Israel was. a. Deborah b. Zepporah c. Hagar

15. How many chariots did Sisera have? a. 600 b. 900 1300

16. Name the woman that killed Sisera.______________________________________

17. What did she kill him with?_____________________________________________

18. All of ch.5 is a _______of Deborah and Barak. a. lamentation b. song c. new law

19. The Midianites were friends with Israel. true - false

20. Who appeared to Gideon?_____________________________________________

21. What was Gideon doing, when he appeared to him?__________________________

22. The Angel called Gideon a mighty_______________________________________

23. God told Gideon to throw down the altar of________________________________

24. Gideon had the Spirit of_________________upon him.

25. What sign did Gideon want from God, that God was going to save Israel by his hand?



                       Judges 7-21

Lesson 2

1. Why didnít God want Gideon to have a large army?__________________________

2. Gideons army was reduced to. a. 500 men b. 435 men c. 300 men

3. The Midianite army was huge. true - false

4. Their camels were. a. 2000 b. 2500 c. without number

5. What did Gideon overhear 2 Midianite soldiers talking about?__________________

6. Gideon used trumpets, torches and pitchers in his victory. true - false

7. What did the Midianite soldiers do, when the trumpets were blown?______________

8. As soon as Gideon died the children of Israel turned away from God. true - false

9. Which of Gideonís ( Jerubbaal ) sons killed 70 (three score and ten) of his brothers?

a. Jotham b. Abimelech c. Zebah

10. The name of the only son to survive the massacre was? a. Tolar b. Jair c. Jotham

11. Describe the death of Abimelech.________________________________________

12. The ninth judge was Jephthah who was the son of. 1. a king 2. a harlot 3. a prophet

13. What tragic vow does Jephthah make?____________________________________

14. From birth Samson was a Nazirite? true - false

15. Samson killed a ________________with his hands. a. lion b. bear c. goat

16. Why did Samson slay 30 men at Ashkelon?________________________________

17. For what purpose did Samson need 300 fox?_______________________________

18. The weapon that Samson used to kill 1000 Philstine soldiers was.________________

19. What was the name of the woman who betrayed Samson?_____________________

20. What secret did Samson reveal concerning his great strength?___________________

21. Samson lost his eyesight because of old age. true - false

22. How did Samson bring down the house upon the Philistines?___________________


23. A man cuts his concubine into 12 pieces, what does he do with her parts?__________

24. Who killed the woman?______________________________________________

25. Why is there civil war with the tribe of Benjamine?___________________________