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Back to Old Test.- basics

Genesis  Exodus  Numbers  Joshua  Judges  1 Samuel  2 Samuel  1 Kings  2 Kings

Ezra  Nehemiah

Book 4 - of the 11 foundational books

Some main persons and events of Joshua

Ch.1- 24 Joshua, the 12 tribes, Rahab, Achan, Amorites, Gibeonites

Events  Joshua assumes command, spies sent out, military campaigns, circumcision of the new generation of Jews, wall of Jericho falls, Achans sin, Gibeonites trickery, dividing of the land.



                     Joshua 1-10, 11-24


1. As God was with Moses, so to, was he with Joshua. true - false

2. What did God tell Joshua not to let depart from his mouth?_____________________

3. What would cause Joshua to prosper and be successful?______________________

4. What did Rahab do, in behalf of the spies that Joshua sent to view the land? a. gave
     them money  b. gave them food  c. hid them

5. What did Rahab ask of these men?______________________________________

6. What was she to put out the window so that her household would be spared in the
     oncoming invasion?___________________________________

7. When the priests, bearing the ark, went into the Jordan river, what happened?_______

8. The Manna ceased, not long after they crossed the Jordan River. true - false

9. Describe the way that God gave the victory at Jericho.________________________

10. Who was left alive in Jericho?__________________________________________

11. What sin did Achan commit?___________________________________________

12. Achanís sin had what effect on the army of Israel?__________________________

13. Achan was stoned to death. true - false

14. All the inhabitants of Ai were destroyed. true - false

15. After the victory at Ai, what did Joshua do at Mount Ebal?____________________

16. How did the Gibeonites deceive Joshua into not making war against them?_________

17. What punishment was dealt to the Gibeonites, because of their trickery?___________

18. Israel defended the Gibeonites, against their attackers. true - false

19. What came out of the sky, that helped in giving Israel the victory?________________

20. What miraculous thing took place with the sun?_____________________________

21. The five kings who hid in a cave, were allowed to go back to their cities. true - false

*Chapters 11-24 Is about the division of the land, to the tribes of Israel.