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Book 8 - of the 11 foundational books

The first eleven captures records Davidís death, and the reign of his son Solomon until his death. Following the death of king Solomon, the kingdom is divided, each having its own king. The northern kingdom consisted of 10 tribes under the rule of Jeroboam, with the southern kingdom consisting of 2 tribes, under the rule of Rehoboam.

* One must have an understanding of this division, to understand all the events that transpire, leading up to the conquering and captivity of the 2 kingdoms by the Assyrians and Babylonians.

Some main persons and events of 1 Kings

Ch.1-22 - Solomon, Queen of Sheba, Rehoboam, his friends, Jeroboam, succeeding kings,
Elijah the prophet, Ahab, Jezebel, Syrians Jehoshaphat

Events - Solomon becomes king, God gives Solomon wisdom, Solomon has the temple built, his reign as king, Shekinah-Glory fills the temple, The visit of Queen of Sheba, Rehoboamís foolishness, The ministry of Elijah

* Other books during the time period of 1 Kings.

1 & 2 Chronicals ( 1 Chronicals overlaps )

Writing - Prophets to the Southern tribes called Judah




                     1 Kings 1-11

Lesson 1

1. After David became old; Which of his sons planned to be king, by having men,
    chariots and horsemen to run before him.__________________________________

2. Which of Davidís sons had been promised the throne?________________________

3. Adonijah rebelled against the anointing of Solomon, as the next king. true - false

4. David reigned as king for: a. 35 yr. b. 40 yr. c. 37 yr.

5. King Solomon has his half brother Adonijah put to death. true - false

6. In your opinion why did Adonijah ask for Abishag ( Davidís handmaiden ) to be his
    wife? ____________________________________________________________

7. What were some of the reasons that king Solomon had Joab put to death? Ch.1-2

8. When the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream, what did Solomon ask of God, and
     it was given unto him?________________________________________________

9. When confronted by two woman. both claiming to be the mother of a child, how was
    Solomonís wisdom demonstrated?_______________________________________

10. Why did Solomon want cedar trees from Hiram, king of Tyre?_________________

11. Hiram had been an enemy of David. true - false

12. In what year of Solomonís reign was the building of the temple started?___________

13. How long did it take to build the house ( temple ) of the Lord? __________________

14. After the Ark of the Covenant was brought into the temple, what filled the house of
       the Lord?_________________________________________________________

15. The Queen that came to visit king Solomon was:____________________________

16. All of king Solomonís drinking vessels were of silver. true - false

17. How many wives did king Solomon have?________How many concubines?_______

18. These women turned Solomonís heart away from God to other gods. true - false

19. Because Solomon had turned after other gods, what would God do to his kingdom?__

20. What was promised to Jeroboam?_______________________________________

21. After his death, where was king Solomon buried?___________________________

22. Solomonís son Reoboam, reigned after Solomon died. true - false



                        1 Kings 12-22

Lesson 2

1. Why did 10 tribes of Israel reject Reoboam as their king?______________________

2. Who did these 10 tribes accept as their first king? a. Jeconika b. Jeroboam c. Eli

* This was the beginning of the divided kingdom of Israel; the Northern and
    Southern tribes, each with itís own succession of kings.

3. Why did king Jeroboam set up two calves of gold, for his people to worship?_______

4. Why did Jeroboamís hand become paralyzed?______________________________

5. Who succeeds Jeroboam after his death?__________________________________

6. What evil things did king Reoboam do?___________________________________

7. King___________ of___________invaded Jerusalem and took away____________

8. Who succeeds Reoboam after his death___________________________________

9. King Ahab took as his wife___________________ (ch.16)

10. What brook did Elijah dwell at for a time?_________________________________

11. How did God provide food for Elijah?____________________________________

12. What miracle does God do for a poor widow, who gave Elijah her last measure of

13. What miracle takes place with the widows son?_____________________________

14. In Elijahís challenge to Ahabís 450 prophets of Baal, the God who answered by_____
      would be the true God.

15. The 450 prophets of Baal escaped to Egypt. true - false

16. Elijah flees from Jezebel. true - false

17. Elijah is to anoint____________to succeed him.

18. What did Naboth have, that Ahab wanted? (ch21)___________________________

19. Naboth sold it to him. true - false

20. What prophesy of Elijah, concerning Ahab, comes to past?____________________

21. In the same prophesy: what would be the fate of Jezebel?______________________