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General Statements Concerning:

Webster dictionary

HEADSHIP, n. hed'ship. authority; chief place.

Head - chief, leader, commander

A chief; a principal person; a leader; a commander; one who has the first rank or place,and to whom others are subordinate; as the head of an army; the head of a sect or party. Eph 5

1Corinthians 11:3 But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman [is] the man; and the head of Christ [is] God.


 (b) metaphorically, of the authority or direction of God in relation to Christ, of Christ in relation to believing men, of the husband in relation to the wife, (1Co_11:3;) of Christ in relation to the Church, (Eph_1:22; Eph_4:15; Eph_5:23; Col_1:18; Col_2:19;) of Christ in relation to principalities and powers, (Col_2:10. As to 1Co_11:10.)

In His divine plan, God has established headship. Headship could be summed up as a position of authority.

All authority ultimately comes from God.

Where there is authority, there is submission-yielding to that authority. We can find this in every area of life, from the natural-physical to the spiritual.

In this teaching I hope to touch on some of the different areas of headship and submission.

Concerning Christ in relationship to God the Father, the Christian, and spirits; whether angels or demonic spirits.

Concerning the Christian husband and wife.

Concerning human government.

A word about submission.

Chaos and anarchy is the result of not submitting to the established authority.

Chaos - A state of extreme confusion and disorder.

Anarchy - A state of lawlessness and disorder

Submission does not mean inferior as to less value.

The other day as I was driving down an interstate highway, I took an exit ramp to get on a different highway. The sign said to yield to oncoming traffic, As I look in my rear view mirror I seen a huge semi truck and because of traffic he couldn't move over. Guess what I did? Yes! I slowed down and yielded to the truck, giving him the right of way.

Did that make me appear to be weak? inferior? Needless to say, my yielding most certainly saved lives, probably my own.

In the case of the yield sign; as I yielded to the truck, I was in fact yielding to the law of my state, which is a position of authority. Why was the yield sign there? Was it for good?

Most are not aware that we practice authority and submission every day, as we go about our daily lives.

Let us examine the scriptures concerning these subjects.


In Christ's Service 
E.L. Davis