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With all the medical evidence that point to tobacco as being behind cancer, heart conditions and a host of other aliments, I'm amazed that anyone still smokes or uses tobacco in any form. The other day while shopping, I noticed that a pack of cigarettes was $3.50. There are many Christian who smoke and opinions are varied as to where smoking is sin or not.

  • My purpose in writing this is to help those who want to be free  from the addiction of tobacco.

Shortly after I recommitted my life to the Lord Jesus, I quit smoking cigarettes, but I continued to smoke a pipe. I personally enjoyed smoking a pipe and never felt that it was a sin. One day God begin to deal with me about giving it up; I wanted to obey God but I really liked smoking that pipe. I weakly tried but couldn't stop.

Not long after that the Lord said to me, "When do you like smoking the pipe the most?"  I replied, "Lord mainly right after meals” He said  "Then smoke it only after meals” I asked the Lord  "How much can I smoke?"  His answer was  "three bowls a day"  I soon found out that I wanted to smoke more then three times a day, so in an attempt to obey God and appease my habit, I split the three bowls of tobacco up into 6 portions and smoked more often but less tobacco.

Several days passed and the Lord said to me one morning  " throw the tobacco away"  So I threw it in the trash. Following supper that evening, I really begin to crave my pipe and tobacco, so I began to whine and complain to God and He spoke to me  "Go get yourself some tobacco"  I practically ran to the store, bought my tobacco and promptly satisfied my craving.

A couple of days later the Lord once again spoke to me  "Break your pipe and throw it in the trash"  I obeyed the Lord and did as He instructed me. That evening I began to whine and complain to the Lord that I wanted to smoke my pipe. He gave me an answer  "Smoke it"  I said  "Lord I broke it and threw it away"  He replied,  "go get another one"

This I eagerly did and once again quickly satisfied the craving.

A couple of days later the Lord spoke to me again and said  "Do you LOVE ME?"  What could I say but  "Yes Lord I love you"  He then said to me  "then throw your pipe away and never smoke again"  I replied  "Yes my lord"  I stopped smoking that day, 20 years ago. Thank you Lord Jesus.

Several days after I stopped smoking, I was walking down a street in my neighborhood and saw a man sitting on his front porch. The Holy Spirit said to me  "go over and talk to him about Jesus"  I walked up to the man and said  "sir can I talk with you about Jesus?"

The man reached into his shirt pocket; pulling out a pack of cigarettes he said to me  "wanna cigarette?"  I said  "no sir I don't smoke"  He said to me  "then you set down here and tell me about Jesus."

  • It is not hard to figure out why God wanted me to quite smoking. Even though I didn't consider smoking a sin, nevertheless it killed my Christian witness. There are people who will not receive the gospel or your testimony if you use tobacco.

The issue is not, "is smoking a sin"  the issue is our Christian witness.

The Cost

I have heard Christians say,  "I don't understand why we don't have enough of money etc."

One couple in particular comes to mind. This Christian couple both smoked and at times struggled financially. In an effort to help them, I did a rough calculation of their monthly bills and found that they spent $200-$250 per month on cigarettes. The Christian sister had said to me  "sometimes we hardly have enough food for the kids"  After finding out how much was spent on cigarettes, they realized that getting rid of their addiction would be a blessing to them financially. They prayed and asked God to help them quit and were both set free.
Some time latter they told me " we always have enough for groceries and some left over."

Have you considered the cost to you financially, physically, or your Christian witness?

Has God been dealing with you about quitting?

The question to you is: Do you want to quit smoking? Chewing or dipping? Are you sick of it?

If so 

Right now! Pray and ask God to set you free from using tobacco. If you are under conviction for using tobacco, repent ask God to forgive you of your sin.

Say Lord, "I renounce my habit and turn my back on it; I will not take it up again." 

Heavenly Father In Jesus name, I ask in behalf of everyone that is reading this and desires to be set free from their tobacco habit, that they would be set free.

In Christ's Service 
E.L. Davis