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Lessons 1-3

Theme: Righteousness of God

Paul's epistle to the Christians at Rome, speaks of of Gods provision of Righteousness, based on faith in Jesus Christ, apart from works. In the first three chapters, God declares that all have sinned and come short of his glory; the unrighteous pagan, the self-righteous man, as well as the Jew who had Gods law. Paul also states that God has not cast away his people Israel but that their rejection of Jesus as the Messiah, was opportunity for the Gentiles to be saved. As a whole, Israel will be saved when Jesus Christ returns, at the end of the tribulation period.


                       Romans ch. 1-4


    ( Ch.1-3  God deals with the unrighteous pagan, the self righteous man, and the Jew  
                   who has the law.)

 1.  In what way did God declare that Jesus Christ was the Son of God? _____________

 2.  Why did Paul desire to see the Christians at Rome?__________________________

 3.  Why was Paul not ashamed of the gospel of Christ?_________________________

 4.  Mankind can learn about God, his power and Godhead, by the things that God has
      made.   True or False

 5.  Man has worshipped and searved_____________________more than the Creator.

 6.  How many things can you think of, that man worships instead of God?____________

 7.  According to Romans 1:19-21 the heathen will not be accountable for their lost
      condition because of their ignorance of God.   True or False

 8.  According to Romans 1:26-32 a final stage in civilizations that turn from God is  
      1.  homosexuality  2.  covetousness  3.  vanity

 9.  What does the goodness of God lead a person to?__________________________

10.  Who shall God judge the secrets of men by?_______________________________

11.  To what people were committed the oracles of God?_________________________

12.  Romans 3:10-23 declares that none are righteous, all have sinned.   True or False

13.  God has declared all as unrighteous but what has he done through his grace?  1. given
      man a plan to work for salvation   2. Offered his righteousness thru faith in Jesus

14.  We are justified freely by his grace through what?___________________________

15.  What two Old Testament people does Paul use to illustrate Gods righteousness apart  
      from works? 1. Moses-Elijah  2. Moses-Lot  3. Abraham-David

16.  Abraham believed God and it was counted ( accounted ) to him for.  1. righteousness
      2.  grace  3.  propitiation

17.  In what way did Abraham demonstrate that he had strong faith?_________________

18.  Jesus was delivered for our____________and was raised again for our___________

Memory Scripture:

Romans 3:22-23   Even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them that believe: for there is no difference:
Vs.23   For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.


                       Romans ch. 5-9


 1.  We are justified by_______and have peace with God through__________________

 2.  What does the Holy Spirit put into our hearts ( spirit )________________________

 3.  While we were yet sinners Christ_______for us, and being justified by his blood we  
      are saved from _____________________________________________________

 4.  By one man ( Adam ) what two enemies of man entered into the world?__________

 5.  Romans ch.6 says that we should know; that what, has been crucified with Christ?
      1.  our bodies  2.  our old man  3.  our religion

 6.  We should reckon ourselves to be _______unto sin, and ________unto God.

 7.  What are we not to let reign in our mortal bodies?___________________________

 8.  Because our old man is crucified with Christ and we our to reckon ourselves dead to
      sin but alive unto God, we are to yield our members to _______________________
      and not as _______________________________________________unto sin.

 9.  What is the wages of sin?  1. freedom  2.  death  3. expression

10.  The gift of God is___________________________through Jesus Christ our Lord.

11.  To those who are in Christ Jesus and walk after the Spirit, there is no more________

12.  What is the results of being spiritually minded?______________________________

13.  Those that are led by the Spirit of God are________________________________

14.  Who are the children of God joint heirs with_______________________________

15.  Who intercedes for us and helps us in our infirmities? ________________________

16.  What will God do for those who love him and are called according to his purpose?
      1.  heal  2.  deliver  3.  work all things to the good

17.  Christians have been predestinated to be conformed to whos image?_____________

18.  In what way does Romans 8:32 demonstrate Gods love for us?_________________

19.  Can anything separate us from the love of Christ?___________________________

20.  In what way does Paul express his love and devotion to his kinsmen, the Israelites.__

Memory Scripture:

Romans 5:1   Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.          

Romans 8:16   The Spirit himself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God.


                      Romans ch. 10-16


 1.  Pauls desire for Israel was 1. prosperity  2. be free of Roman oppression  3. salvation

 2.  Christ is the end of the law for______________________to every one that           

 3.  How is our heart and mouths envolved in salvation?__________________________

 4.  Has God cast away his people Israel forever?  Yes  or  No

 5.  Through Israels fall  ( rejection of their Messiah, Jesus )  what has come to the

 6.  Paul uses the_______________tree to illustrate Israel, with the Gentiles, as branches
      grafted in.

 7.  Christians are to present their bodies as___________________________________

 8.  Christians are not to be conformed to ______________and are to be transformed by       the______________________________________________________________  

 9.  Christians are to overcome evil with _____and are not to be overcome by_________

10.  Christians are to obey the laws, govt. etc.   True  or  False

11.  What is the fulfilling of Gods law ( commandments )_________________________

12.  The kingdom of God is not food and drink but______________________________

13. Which of the following best describes Ch.14:13-23   1.  We have freedom to do what
      we want.  2.  Let each person find out what is right for them  3. Refrain from personal       liberties in order not to hurt a weaker Christian.  

14.  Priscilla and Aquila used their house for what?______________________________

Memory Scripture:

Romans 13:8   Owe no man any thing, but to love one another; for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.

Romans 13:10   Love worketh no ill to its neighbor; therefore, love is the fulfilling of the law.