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Lessons - 1

Theme: Rejoicing in the Lord

This epistle was written by Paul while in prison at Rome. In the mist of personal hardship and sacrifice Paul writes this epistle to the Philippians Christians; displaying the warmth and love of Christ which resided in his heart for them. Even though he was confined, and under the sentence of death, the joy of the Lord sustained him, and is often expressed in this epistle.


Philippians ch.1-4


1. To whom does Paul address the epistle of Philippians to?______________________

2. What does Paul pray for these Christians?_________________________________

3. Why does Paul desire to remain here in his flesh, rather than going on to be with the

4. Paul believed that if he departed ( died- left his body, flesh ) he would be with Jesus.
    True or False

5. In _________________let each esteem others better than themselves.

6. We should not only look out for ourselves but also others. True or False

7. Jesus took upon himself the form of a servant. True or False

8. God highly exalt Jesus and gave him a name above all others. True or False

9. Why did God do this ( above Question )__________________________________

10. Who is it that is to shine as lights in this world?______________________________

11. Why was Epaphroditus sick near to death?________________________________

12. What did Paul count as loss for the Knowledge of Jesus Christ?________________

13. Paul found righteousness by keeping the law. True or False

14. Paul had learned to do what, with things behind him? 1. remember them 2. forget

15. What was Paul pressing toward?________________________________________

16. In your mind what would be the high calling, of any Christian?__________________

17. When Christ returns, what shall he do unto our bodies?_______________________

18. The peace of God will keep our hearts and minds in Christ if we will do what______

19. Paul had learned to be ___________in everything.

Memory Scripture:

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ, who strengtheneth me.