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Lesson - 1

Theme: Brotherly Love

This epistle is a personal letter to Philemon who had a an unprofitable servant named Onesimus who after ( in all probability ) stole from him, ran away. Under Paulís ministry, Onesimus was converted and now Paul writes to Philemon to receive him back
not only as a servant, but a brother in Christ.




This two main characters of this epistle is Philemon a well off Christian and one of his servants named Onesimus. After stealing from his master Philemon; Onesimus runs away to Rome. While in Rome, Onesimus is converted under Apostle Paul's ministry ( vs.10 ) so Paul writes this epistle to Philemon, encouraging him to receive Onesimus back, not only as a servant, but as a brother in Christ. In verse (18-19 ) Paul says that he would repay Philemon anything that Onesimus owed to him.


1. Paul considered himself a prisoner of Jesus Christ. True or False

2. People had church in their house True or False

3. Paul was appealing to Philemon in behalf of what person?_____________________

4. Onesimus ( a servant, possibly a slave ) was at one time unprofitable to Philemon.
     True or False

5. Paul was willing to repay anything that Onesimus owed. True or False

What kind of lessons of Christian value and principals can we learn from this letter? - epistle