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Lessons 1-2

Theme: Christ the Servant

Mark is not mentioned in the Gospels but is mentioned in the book of Acts; as the Mark, that accompanied Paul and Barnabas on their first missionary journey. The Gospel of Mark presents Jesus Christ as the servant of God, doing mighty deeds and works. Very few of our Lords parables and discourses are mentioned in this Gospel.


                       Mark: ch. 1-8                                         


 1.  What did John say that Jesus would baptize with?___________________________
2.  How many days was Jesus in the wilderness?______________________________

3.  What message did Jesus Preach when He came to Galilee?___________________
4.  In your own words: what did Jesus mean when He said ď I will make you fishers of
5.  Jesus gave his disciples power to heal and cast out devils   True  or  False
6.  Complete this saying: A kingdom or house divided against itself cannot__________
7.  What sin shall never be forgiven?_______________________________________
8.  In the parable of the sower, how many reasons can you find, why the word of God
       becomes unfruitful.__________________________________________________

9.  What was Jesus doing on the ship, while a storm was going on?_________________

10.  What did Jesus do about the storm?___________________________________

11.  What name did the demons go by, that pocessed the man in the country of

12.  What happened to the swine, after the demons went into them?_________________

13.  What happened to the woman with the issue of blood, who touched Jesusís garment.

14.  How did Jesus know that someone had touched him in faith?___________________

15.  Why do you suppose that the people were offended at Jesus in his own country?____

16.  Why could Jesus do no mighty works in his own country?_____________________

17.  What made the Word of God, of none effect with the Pharasees?_______________

18.  The blind man in Bethsaida was healed when Jesus put mud in his eyes.  True  False

Memory Scripture:

Mark 8:35   For whosoever would save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospelís, the same shall save it.


                        Mark ch. 9-16


 1.  Complete this verse: ď If thou canst believe, all things are possible_______________
  2.  Why could not the disciples cast out the dumb-deaf spirit?_____________________        
 3.  What did Jesus say, was possible with God?_______________________________
 4.  What was the name of the blind man, who sat begging, by the highway?___________
 5.  What is the consequence if we donít forgive others?_________________________
 6.  Why was the poor widowís offering more than all the rest?____________________

 7.  Who is the only one, who knows when Christ shall return?_____________________

 8.  Whose house in Bethany did Jesus stay at?________________________________
 9.  Who did Jesus say, was always with us, to do good to?_______________________

10.  What did Jesus use to symbolize his body, at the last supper?___________________

11.  Judas used a handshake, as a sign, to betray Jesus.    True  or   False

12.  Barabbas was a thief.    True  or  False

13.  For what reason did the chief priest deliver Jesus to Pilate?____________________

14.  With what did the soldiers cloth Jesus?___________________________________

15.  What methods did the soldiers use to mock Jesus?__________________________

16.  Name the man who helped Jesus carry his cross?___________________________

17.  Who did Jesus first appear to, after his resurrection?_________________________

18.  What signs will follow those that believe?__________________________________

Memory Scripture:

Mark 16:15 ...Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. ( person )