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Lessons 1-4

The Early Church in Action

The book of Acts is sometimes referred to as the Acts of the Apostles and also the Acts of The Holy Spirit. In any case, Acts records the work of the Holy Spirit through the early church; with its Apostles and various ministry gifts. Chapters 9-28 record the 1st, 2nd. and 3rd. missionary journeys of Apostle Paul.


                          Acts ch. 1- 7


1.  What did Jesus say that the disciples would receive after the Holy Ghost had come
      upon them?__________for what purpose?________________________________

 2.  According to the two men in white apparel, in what manner will Jesus come back?__

 3.  On the day of Pentecost, what took place when the Holy Spirit came?____________

 4.  The coming of the Holy Spirit was just for the men.     True  or  False

 5.  After preaching, on the day of Pentecost, who did Peter say that the Holy Ghost was  

 6.  What miracle took place when Peter and John went to the temple to pray?________

 7.  What act of faith did Peter do, when the miracle took place?___________________

 8.  Only the name of Jesus is given for salvation is Acts:4_____________________

 9.  The age of the man who received the miracle healing was _____________________

10.  Why did Annanias and Sapphira die?____________________________________

11.  What did God do for the people when Peterís shadow over shadow them?________

12.  The Apostles were let out of prison by  1. a guard  2. an angel  3.  a servant

13.  What advise did Gamaliel give the council and high priest in behalf of the Apostles._         ________________________________________________________________

14.  What was the cause of the Apostles rejoicing when they were released?__________

15.  Six people were appointed to take care of the ministry to widows.    True  or  False

16.  Why did the Apostles want others to be appointed to take care of the widows?_____

17.  What did they do to Stephen, after he preached to them?_____________________

18.  Stephen saw Jesus standing on the right hand of God.   True  or  False

19.  Who took care of the clothes while they stoned Stephen?_____________________

20.  As he died, what did Stephen ask God, in behalf of those who stoned him?________

Memory Scripture:

Acts 1:8   But ye shall receive power, after the Holy Ghost is come upon you; and ye shall be witnesses unto me...

Acts 1:11...This same Jesus, who is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven.


                       Acts ch. 8-14


 1.  After Stephenís death, who instigated a severe persecution against the church?_____

 2.  Name some of the signs and wonders that God did through Philip at Samaria.______

 3.  Why did Peter and John go to Samaria?__________________________________

 4.  What condition did Philip give the Eunuch before he could baptize him?__________

 5.  On his way to Damascus, to persecute Christians, what happened to Saul ( Paul )?

 6.  Which disciple was commanded to go to Paul and lay hands on him? ____________

 7.  In what manner did Saul escape the Jews from Damascus?____________________

 8.  Peter laid hands on Aeneas, for him to be healed.   True   or   False

 9.  Tabitha ( Dorcas ) was raised from the dead.   True   or   False

10.  Why did God give Peter the vision about the beasts and fowls in a sheet?__________

11.  How did Peter know that Cornelius and the Gentiles had received the Holy Ghost __

12.  Why did the Christian Jews at Jerusalem contend with Peter?__________________

13.  The disciples were first called Christians in this city.  1. Jerusalem 2. Antioch  3.Tyre

14.  Herod the king had which disciple killed with the sword?  1. John  2. Philip  3. James

15.  How was Peter let out of prison?_______________________________________

16.  While Peter was in prison, what was many of the Christians doing?______________

17.  For what reason was Herod smitten by the Angel of the Lord?_________________

18.  What two kinds of Ministers were in the church at Antioch?____________________

19.  Who said separate me Paul and Barnabus for the work?______________________
       * This was the beginning of the first missionary journey of Apostle Paul. 1st of three

20.  What happened to the false prophet bar-jesus when he withstood Paul?___________

21.  Why did the Lycaonias want to make sacrifices to Paul and Barnabas?___________

Memory Scripture:

Acts 10:38   How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power; who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him.


                       Acts ch. 15-19                    


1.  The false teaching, that brought the Apostles and Elders together at Jerusalem to  
      consider, was:  1. infant baptism   2. Christians had to be circumcised and keep the  
      law of Moses   3. they had to earn salvation

 2.  What regulations did the council at Jerusalem determine for Gentile converts?______

 3.  Why was their contention between Apostles Paul and Barnabas ?_______________

 4.  Paul chose Silas as his traveling companion.    True  or  False  

 5.  Who was the young man that Paul had circumcised ?_________________________

 6.  Why was the Word of God not preached in Asia?___________________________

 7.  Why did they ( Paul and Silas ) not go into Bithynia ?_________________________

 8.  In what way did God direct Paul to Macedonia?____________________________

 9.  From a young woman Paul cast out a spirit of   1. pride  2.  lust   3. divination

10.  After being beaten Paul and Silas wanted to quit.  True or False

11.  What did they do at midnight?__________________________________________

12.  How did the people of Bereia respond to the word of God?___________________

13.   Aquila and Priscilla were by trade pottery makers.  True or  False

14.  What did the people say to Paul when he asked them if they had received the Holy
      Ghost since the believed?__________________________________________

15.  What sort of special miracles did God do by the hand of Paul?_________________

16.  What happened to the seven sons of Sceva?_______________________________

17.  After many were saved what did many do with their curious arts and books?( books
      of magical things, sorcery etc. )_________________________________________

18.  Why was Demetrius, a silversmith and others upset at Apostle Paul?_____________

Memory Scripture:

Acts 16:23-25   And when they had laid many stripes upon them, they cast them into prison, charging the jailer to keep them safely;
Vs.24   Who, having received such a charge, thrust them into the inner prison, and made their feet fast in the stocks.
Vs.25   And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God;


                       Acts ch. 20-28                  


1.   What day of the week did the disciples gather to break bread?_________________

 2.   The Holy Spirit witnessed that bonds and afflictions waited on Paul,  what was his
       response to this?___________________________________________________

 3.   How many daughters did Philip the evangelist have?__what did they do?_________

 4.   The prophet that gave Paul the illustration with the belt was ___________________

 5.   Why did the roman Centurion decide not to have Paul scourged?_______________

 6.   When Paul was brought before the councel and high priest what did he say that got
       the Sadducees and Pharisees in a big fight?_______________________________

 7.   Who stood by Paul that evening to encourage him?__________________________

 8.   What was the real reason that Felex talked with Paul often?___________________

 9.   Paul got out of going to Jerusalem, to be tried, by:  1. paying money 2. appealing to
       Caesar  3. escaping from the jail

10.   After testifying before King Agrippa, who said that Paul was mad? ( insane)_______

11.   When Paul asked King Agrippa if he believed the prophets, how did the King

12.   How was Paul encouaged, that none of the men on board ship would perish because
       of the violent storm? _______________________________________________

13.   How many days had they gone without food, during the storm?_________________

14.   Why did the soldiers want to kill all the prisoners?__________________________

15.   What stopped them from doing so?___________________________________

16.   What was the name of the island, where they were shipwreaked?______________

17.   What bit Paul, while he was building a fire?________________________________

18.   Publius a chief of the island was healed of the bloody flux.    True  or  False   

19.   After Paul arrived at Rome, he lived in the prison.    True  or  False

20.   Where did he stay?_________________________________________________

Memory Scripture:

Acts 26:18   To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of satan unto God, that they may receive forgivness of sins, and an inheritance among them who are sanctified by faith that is in me.